"Art Making Across Time and Cultures” (original title) gives a stimulating and creative new option for introduction to art classes that are taught online. Instead of showing students a 'talking head' in a sterile classroom setting, the videos provide diversity in presentation while teaching students the foundations of art. Artist interviews and studio visits are a particularly effective inclusion. Students will not be bored watching the videos -- they will be challenged -- and instructors can use the lectures as a springboard for their own discussions."

Sheramy Bundrick, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Art History, University of South Florida, St. Petersburg Florida

 One of its strengths is that it avoids a linear periodization of art history and encourages students to think about relationships between historical and modern or more contemporary works.   My sense is that a student watching the entire series would leave it feeling more curious and interested about art and that it would stimulate them to visit museums, visit art internet sites, do further reading and generally make art a part of their lives.   I am very pleased to have been able to make a contribution to it.

Lou Marcus, MFA, MA

Professor of Art

School of Art and Art History

COTA, University of South Florida, Tampa

Taking the Online class with Professor Anne Jeffrey, was a fulfilling and richly rewarding experience. Her knowledgeable, humorous and thought-provoking approach covers so much territory in one semester that it is a high value experience for all students studying for any degree.  The variety of settings in which she filmed the class made it extremely interesting, not to mention the first hand examples of art and artists, locally and from around the world, that I never could have achieved in the physical classroom environment. Lastly, the option of replaying the videos, at my convenience, with their "pause" features, made note taking and studying so much easier. The combination of video's and answering questions by email rounded out the experience so much that I felt like I was her only student. I highly recommend this course for all students as a well rounded approach to art but most especially for Art Studio and Art History students.




Cynthia Crank

 “Anne Jeffrey’s leadership in developing dynamic, online learning at the University of South Florida is widely acknowledged. And, she has received the very highest student evaluations for her teaching of Art History in our Paris Study Abroad program these past ten summers.”

Wallace Wilson

Director and Professor

School of Art and Art History

COTA, University of South Florida