The Art of Looking is a unique, course- ready package!

The 12 -hour The Art of Looking™ video-based course is ideal for any interested student. Contents encourage lively discussion and active exploration of art in the students’ own environment. Factual information about works, artists and their times is also central and increases the learner’s understanding of art history. Assignments such journal keeping,  museum visits, reporting on public art projects, sketching, increasing awareness of local architecture, etc. give practical opportunities to enhance “looking” skills. The series’ format also encourages critical thinking and exploration of new and challenging concepts


• Filming includes locations such as Stonehenge, mosques in Istanbul and Paris, cathedrals in France and England, architectural sites and museums in Chicago, London, Montreal, London, Paris, as well as various locations in Florida.


• Mini lectures are designed to develop and encourage the individual’s critical sensibility and confidence in their own ability to respond to what they see.

• Content includes interviews with sculptors, painters, a performance artist, photographer, master printer, and a Tampa-based pastel maker.

• Learners do not view a static classroom/lectern event. Content is delivered in a lively, comfortable style, without lecture notes or dry bullet points

• Peer learning is encouraged through on camera graduate and undergraduate student discussions.

• Examination and analysis of global art making traditions occurs interactively across time, and within a comparative framework.

• We examine art making from Native American, Mesoamerican, Islamic, Jain, Hindu, European and Chinese cultures, as well as American and Canadian art and objects from Benin, Ghana, the Ivory Coast and Japan.

The Art of Looking video program engages anyone looking to find out more about art---  for their  casual enjoyment, as well as anyone interested in teaching it or earning a degree


I particularly like that it encourages individual exploration rather than learning by rote. It  opens  the individual up to not feeling intimidated by 'great ' Western  art --- instead to search  for  art meaningful to him or her  from other cultures and  traditions ---  as well showing  the unexpected uses of art and making art  in  the world around us. It stresses getting out of the classroom and simply receiving preconceptions. Instead, the program focuses in practical terms on finding out what makes art work for us.


Coralie Duchesne, writer, Montreal, Canada

Taking the Online class with Professor Anne Jeffrey, was a fulfilling and richly rewarding experience. Her knowledgeable, humorous and thought-provoking approach covers so much territory in one semester that it is a high value experience for all students studying for any degree.  The variety of settings in which she filmed the class made it extremely interesting, not to mention the first hand examples of art and artists, locally and from around the world, that I never could have achieved in the physical classroom environment. Lastly, the option of replaying the videos, at my convenience, with their "pause" features, made note taking and studying so much easier. The combination of video's and answering questions by email rounded out the experience so much that I felt like I was her only student. I highly recommend this course for all students as a well rounded approach to art but most especially for Art Studio and Art History students.




Cynthia Crank