"Behind the Scenes"

Anne Jeffrey & Associates create and distribute English and Spanish (available 2014) video-based, educational content. All materials are created by a team of experienced online instructors and graphic designers specializing in art history. In 2004, Anne Jeffrey developed USF Tampa’s first online course in art history. She later formed Anne Jeffrey & Associates and with her team created a custom video-based course intended for wider distribution.


The current The Art of Looking content had its genesis in an earlier series Art Making Across Time and Cultures, first launched by Anne Jeffrey & Associates, spring 2011. This original series provided content for a 4 credit “Introduction to Art” course offered by two Florida college campuses. The course continued online throughout 2012 and reached well over 2,000 students. The Art of Looking was updated in 2013 allowing for increased learner engagement and interaction.


Since 2000 Anne Jeffrey has taught a variety of art history courses for the University of South Florida, Tampa, St. Petersburg and Sarasota campuses. Each summer, for over a decade she has led the art history course Sites of Invention: Monumental Paris for the USF Study Abroad in Paris Program. She co-authored. The Art Lovers’ Guide to Florida, Pineapple Press, 1998.


Throughout her long career in education Anne has continued to combine dynamic presentation with a passion for art history and learning. She continues to make education her priority and is dedicated to creating learning experiences to share with a wide audience.

 “Anne Jeffrey’s leadership in developing dynamic, online learning at the University of South Florida is widely acknowledged. And, she has received the very highest student evaluations for her teaching of Art History in our Paris Study Abroad program these past ten summers.”

Wallace Wilson

Director and Professor

School of Art and Art History

COTA, University of South Florida


Matthew Morgan, BFA (USF 2007)  For the past five years Matt has provided extensive technical support and creative direction for both Art Making Across Time and Cultures and the current The Art of Looking. He is a painter, a musician and dedicated to education. He owns and directs the graphic design studio in Tampa, Florida UPPERCASE, Inc. (uppercased.com) Matt talks about graphic Design in Unit Three of The Art of Looking.

Stephanie Gaskins, BA (UPEI 1984) Stephanie assisted on camera for the original Art Making Across Time and Cultures™ production and gave important early encouragement and support to the project. Stephanie was a seasoned distance learning administrator for the University of South Florida. Very sadly Stephanie lost her battle with breast cancer in 2011.

Marta Slaughter, MFA (USF 2009) Marta teaches a variety of college level courses including art history. She often appears onscreen in The Art of Looking. As instructor, Marta used the original Art Making Across Time and Cultures™ content as the basis for Introduction to Art courses at the University of South Florida, St Petersburg and Tampa campuses. As a visual artist, she utilizes a multi-layered approach to material, creating sculpture, paintings and photography.

Tommy Perez, BFA (USF 2007) Tommy provided many original drawings, visible throughout The Art of Looking series. An animator, writer and conceptualist he is currently based in Tampa, Florida where he works as a free lance graphic designer.

Goiko Pikaza,  Based in Tampa, Florida Goiko's primary occupation today is software architect and development lead, He contributed significantly to editing Art Making Across Time and Cultures™. A self-described traveler and adventurer, Goiko has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Central and South America. Goiko’s photographs are featured in The Art of Looking. 

Julie Mullins, BFA (USF 2008) Julie is based in St. Petersburg, Florida. She is a freelance graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, and motion graphics designer. She provided technical support as well as encouragement to this project.

Dorian Morgan, BA (USF 2005) holds a Mass Communications degree with a minor in Business Management. She is Director of Research and Social Marketing at UPPERCASE, Inc. Tampa, Florida. Dorian is a seasoned focus group moderator and survey designer with extensive experience in evaluating programs, and conducting non-random (quasi-experimental) pilot projects. She brought both her marketing skills and survey design experience to this project.

Lynda Sleigh, accountant and art lover living in North Carolina continues to assist with ongoing research.

Interns 2012-2013

Kenneth Davis BFA, kennethmdavis.com

Genevieve Godcharles BFA: genevievegodcharlesart.com


Kimberly Adams, painter, Tampa, Florida

Neil Bender, Professor of Painting, USF. Tampa. Florida

Erika Greenberg Schneider, Bleu Acier, Workshop & Gallery, Tampa, Florida

Karl Kelly, Mountvision Pastels, Tampa, Florida

Dominique LaBauvie, sculptor, Tampa, Florida

Lou Marcus, photographer, Professor of Photography, USF,Tampa and Paris, France

Khadijah Queen, performance Artist, Poet, NYC

Rebecca Skelton, painter, sculptor, St. Petersburg, Florida

Marta Slaughter, artist, instructor, St. Petersburg, Florida

Frank Strunk III, sculptor, Tampa, Florida

Pat Vasser, tattoo artist, Madeira Beach, Florida